Wildlife Waste Cleanup and Sanitation

When dealing with a wild animal on your property, you tend to only think about the immediate threat to your home and your family. You’ll worry that the animal in question might be rabid or vicious, and may lash out at you and those close to you. You’ll worry about bites, scratches, and full-on attacks.But often, the waste left behind by the animal in question is a much bigger threat to you and yours.


As you may or may not know, animal feces and urine are a notorious breeding ground for various disease pathogens. Depending on the animal that’s bothering you, you may become exposed to: 

and so many other serious health concerns. In many cases, exposure to wildlife feces can lead to death for you, your pets, or your family. So your number one priority, aside from the actual removal of the animal, should be to clean up the waste from your property. 

Did you know… you don’t even have to touch the waste in order to put yourself at risk. Simply by inhaling in the nearby area, pathogens can enter your system, and put your health and immune system at risk. 

Wild animal waste also poses a serious threat to your pets. Since they are curious by nature, pets won’t hesitate to explore animal waste. This includes touching, sniffing, and tasting the feces and urine, which would bring them into direct contact with the disease pathogens. And since infection and disease are much trickier to spot in companion animals, this could seriously put your pet’s life at risk.

Lastly, wild animal waste can permanently damage structures, fabrics, and pieces of furniture inside your home. Some types of animal feces are corrosive and will, in time, destroy your property, and potentially weaken the wooden structures inside your home.

Cleanup and Sanitation

At Animoval a Humane Wildlife Solution, we run a thorough cleanup service that includes the removal of the waste itself, and the disinfection of the affected area. We use professional cleaning solutions and disinfectants to cleanse the furniture, objects, and structures that have been affected, and remove any pathogens, bacteria, or underlying dangers that might be lurking inside.

We also sanitize the surfaces that may have come into contact with the wild animal or its waste, until there isn’t a single surface in the room you’ll need to worry about.

We also handle repairs and restoration, should you so wish. This means we do our best to restore objects and furniture that have been damaged by wild animal droppings. However, depending on the severity of the situation, restoration may not be possible. Of course, in order to give you a better idea of what we can or can’t do, we will first need to visit your property and go through a quick assessment of the situation.

While cleanup and sanitation might sound like an unnecessary extra step to you, we urge you not to skip it. Leaving exposed animal feces and urine can have potentially fatal consequences for you and yours. 

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