Wildlife Exclusion & Home Seal Up

One of the chief tasks we, at Animoval a Humane Wildlife Solution, handle is that of wildlife exclusion and subsequent home seal-up. And though we talk about it quite a bit, we understand that some of you might not be familiar with the specifics of this procedure. So we’ll show you, in the lines below, just what animal exclusion and home seal up refers to.

Animal Exclusion and Home Seal Up – Removing Intruders Safely

The way this works is we come to your home and run a quick but thorough assessment of the situation. We do this in order to establish the type of intruder we’re dealing with here, but also the entry point. We also examine structures, doorways, windows, and any other potential weak spots of your property. 

You see, we could just lure or trap the wild animal and be done with it. But that way, you’d have the same problem the next week. So the first step in proper wildlife removal is to identify and seal any potential weak points.

The most common entry points and weaknesses of a property include:

  • Vents;
  • Roof;
  • Foundation cracks;
  • Wall cracks and holes;
  • Pipe openings.

So the first thing we, at Animoval a Humane Wildlife Solution, do is figure out where the animal came in through. We also identify any other potential weak spots that may, in the future, constitute an entry point. 

Using secure materials that are difficult/impossible to chew, gnaw or claw through, we seal these cracks, gaps, and holes. Once this is done, we set about capturing the wild animal in question.

Of course, the exclusion process depends on the animal in question. For example, in some cases, we’ll use sound and light to lure out the offending animal. In order to do this, we would first leave a special entryway or hole that would allow the animal to exit. Once the wild animal is safely off your property, we would proceed to seal this up, as well. 

In other cases, in which exclusion wouldn’t be an option, we would focus on trapping the animal. Of course, we would only employ safe and humane traps. At Animoval a Humane Wildlife Solution, we feel that lethal traps and poisons are inhumane and largely unnecessary. So instead of using them, we focus on live traps that will allow us to securely carry out the animal without bringing harm to you or ourselves. We would then relocate it, in accordance with local rules and regulations, to a place where it can no longer bother you.

The Aftermath

Once the animal is safely removed from the property, we would focus on repair and cleaning. Animal feces and urine can cause quite a bit of damage, so we would do a thorough disinfection and cleaning procedure.

Next, we would proceed to repair any leftover animal damage, such as chewed through electrical wires, or trampled or torn insulation. The level of repair needed will depend on the type of infestation and the severity of the situation, of course. 

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