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Snakes are among the most dangerous house guests you can come across, which is why you want to call in professional snake removal right away. At Animoval a Humane Wildlife Solution, we focus on humane snake removal and exclusion. This means we safely rid your property of the snake, without bringing any harm to the serpent. So let’s talk a bit about snakes in general, and how we get rid of them.

Snakes 101

There are roughly 50 different species of snake spread out across the United States, 21 of which are classified as venomous. Among these, several types of rattlesnakes, one cottonmouth, and two copperheads. Since there are so many different species of snake, we won’t go into too many specifics about the serpent. We all know what a snake looks like, and in this particular case, we recommend staying as far away from a snake as possible.

Since you can’t possibly know if the snake you see in your garden is venomous or not, we recommend calling Animoval a Humane Wildlife Solution as swiftly as possible. Let us dispose of the serpent, while you, your family, and your pets remain safe. 

One other thing worth keeping in mind about venomous snakes is that many of them won’t lash out and bite unless they feel provoked or cornered. In other words, if you leave the snake alone and keep a safe distance, it will probably do the same. In spite of what most people think, most snakes aren’t aggressive by nature, and they won’t come for you out of the blue. 

Another thing you ought to remember is that even non-venomous snakes can pose a threat. Although their bites can’t introduce venom inside your system, which is a good thing, they can still be extremely painful and expose you to various diseases. 

Snake Removal

In order to safely remove the snake from your property, we’ll first run a brief assessment of the situation. This will allow us to ascertain whether or not the snake is alone, or with a nest of babies. We’ll also be able to identify the particular species of snake and tailor our approach accordingly. 

We will then proceed to lure the snake out from its hiding place (shed, under porch, basement – all common snake shelter areas of your home). We’ll do this wearing adequate protection and taking all appropriate safety measures. We’ll lead the snake into a secure trap, most likely a cage, which we’ll then use to transport the snake to a safe location. Don’t worry, we won’t just release it the next yard over, so it can slither its way back. In fact, snake disposal is heavily influenced by local regulations, which is another reason to leave snake removal up to the professionals. 

Lastly, we will identify the snake’s entry point and seal it, as well as clean up and repair any damage caused by the intrusive serpent. We’ll advise you on what attracted the snake to your property, to begin with, and what you can do in the future to prevent such invasions. 

Snake Damage

When it comes to your property, the number one issue you’re likely to encounter with a snake is clogged drain pipes and plumbing. If you suspect a snake is causing the clog, we heartily suggest calling a professional wildlife removal service, as the snake may be dangerous.

But the biggest threat isn’t to your property, but to your family and pets. Both venomous and non-venomous snakes can bite, and these bites can range from very painful to downright lethal. So when you suspect a snake, keep your distance and call Animoval a Humane Wildlife Solution

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