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Homeowners all across the United States are familiar with an opossum scuttling across their yard. As it happens, opossums (or “possums”, as they’re sometimes called) are quite a common visitor to homes all across the continent, much to the property owner’s dismay. In this article, we’ll talk a bit about opossums, just some general facts to help you identify and deal with them accordingly. We’ll also discuss the removal methods that we employ at Animoval a Humane Wildlife Solution. Lastly, we’ll discuss the damage that opossums can cause to your property.

Opossum Appearance, Diet, and Behavior

The first thing you want to know about opossums is, of course, what they look like. This will help you identify them, and make sure you’re not dealing with some other type of wildlife pest. 

Opossums are a type of marsupial, ranging in size from small to medium. While in the United States, we’re most likely talking about the Virginia opossum, since it’s the only type in existence in North America.

The average opossum’s size can vary quite a bit, with specimens measuring anything from 35 to almost 100 cm in body length. They’re usually the size of a medium house cat or even a small dog. Opossums are considered opportunistic omnivores, meaning that they’re willing to eat anything they find. Unfortunately for you, that means they’re not at all picky house guests and will eat just about anything they find lying around. This is, in fact, the reason why so many opossums are found on human properties all across the United States – they’re looking for food. 

By nature, opossums are solitary creatures, although they will, on occasion, band together in larger groups (usually divided by family ties). They’re also fairly quiet and reclusive, which is why many homeowners don’t even realize they’re housing opossums for a good while. 

Opossums are fairly nomadic and will only stay around a property as long as it offers constant food and water sources. Once again displaying their opportunistic nature, opossums don’t really put much effort into building a nest and prefer occupying other animals’ abandoned burrows, or of course, living inside secluded areas of your home. Once again, this is why human dwellings are considered ideal, in many ways, for opossum occupation.

One interesting fact about opossums is that they will instinctively play dead if they feel threatened. You may have heard of “playing possum”. This is where that expression comes from. When a possum feels an immediate threat, it will lie on its side, with its mouth open. Not only will it mimic the stillness of a dead animal, but it will also give off a foul, sickly stench to ward off the predator. 

Unfortunately for pet owners, this behavior may trick your overly curious dog or cat into investigating the still opossum, and result in some sort of scuffle. 

Opossum Removal

As we mentioned earlier, Animoval a Humane Wildlife Solution focuses on humane possum removal and exclusion. Why? Because poison and lethal traps are largely unnecessary and cruel, in our opinion, so we stay away from them.

First, we’ll start with a preliminary assessment to determine the type and number of animals on your property. This will also allow us to figure out where the opossum came through (we’ll want to focus on sealing that entry point as swiftly as possible). We will use audio or visual cues to lure out the opossum, and safely capture it without bringing any harm to the animal, of course. We’ll also do a thorough check of the property, to make sure there aren’t any babies or other opossums living there before we proceed with relocating the opossum. 

Not only that, but Animoval a Humane Wildlife Solution will also help repair and clean the damage done by the pesky opossum. We’ll fix what needs fixing, and advise you on future prevention. For example, we’ll seal the entry point of the opossum, and figure out what attracted it to your property in the first place. See, we’re not one of those companies that treat the symptom, but not the underlying condition. If we left you with an obvious open food source, for example, we’d just be back on your property the following month. So we’ll help you figure out why you’ve got opossum problems, and how to fix them for good.

Opossum Damage

Lastly, what kind of damage can you expect from a visiting opossum? Although opossums aren’t overly aggressive by nature, they may cause quite a bit of damage if they find themselves stuck. They will chew, tear and claw their way through pipes and ducts, if that’s the case, causing quite a bit of damage.

But the chief concern with opossums is the immense amount of waste they leave behind, and the pathogens and bacteria that live inside their waste, posing a threat to you and yours. 

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