Damage Repair & Attic Restoration

At Animoval, A Humane Wildlife Solution, we focus not only on the eviction and removal of an intrusive animal but also on exclusion and repairing the damage it leaves behind. For many nuisance species, this is one of the biggest points of concern, as wild animal damage can cause serious issues for both you and your property. This is why we don’t think that the removal service would be complete without also excluding and repairing the damage.

Different animals cause different damage.

Of course, the first thing we’ll take care of is the assessment of the property itself. This will help us determine the type of wildlife we’re dealing with, the number, and the best method of exclusion. It will also let us get an idea of our approach to repairing the damage the animal leaves behind.

In order to understand this, you need to first be aware of the different types of property damage that different wild animals can do.

Raccoons, for example, will tear apart your property (particularly the attic, as that’s their most common hiding place), in search of nesting materials. They will also trample insulation. 

Bats, on the other hand, don’t trample anything, as they’re far too light. Instead, most of the damage they cause is through their feces (also referred to as guano), which in time stains and permeates fabrics, furniture, and structures.

Then again, Rats are known for their incessant chewing, meaning that no piece of furniture, structure, or electrical wire in your home is safe if you’ve got rodents. 

So you see, different animals cause different damage, so it stands to reason that they would also require different approaches. 

So what kind of animal damage repair do we do?

At Animoval a Humane Wildlife Solution, we strive to be as thorough as possible and offer you a complete, well-rounded wildlife removal service. This includes fixing and replacing the various items inside your home that the wild animal’s visit has affected. 

Below are just some of the services we provide, laid out in general terms. 

Insulation – we replace the insulation that has been chewed through, torn, or trampled by the raccoons in your attic, or any other pesky animal. 

Electrical cables and wires – we also offer wire replacement services, done in a safe and efficient manner. Since damaged wires and cables pose the very serious threat of fire or explosion, we recommend replacing them as swiftly as possible.

Drywall (plaster) – we also fill in and repair drywall damage caused by animal intruders.

Scratch repair (hardwood surface) – some wildlife intruders are apt to scratch the structures inside your home, and we endeavor to replace the scratched, damaged surfaces.

Staining and varnish repair – staining is mostly caused by the urine and feces of wild animals. Using professional cleaning products, we remove the stains and the offensive material, doing our best to restore your furniture and structures to their former glory. 

Shingle repair (or replacement) – some wild animal intruders will enter the home through the roof. They’ll either take advantage of a missing shingle or actively work to remove it themselves. Either way, we’re here to securely replace the missing shingle so as to avoid future invasions.

Crack/hole repair – the number one biggest way that wild animals get into the home is through cracks and holes in the concrete, walls, roofs, and so on. At Animoval a Humane Wildlife Solution, we replace and repair the cracks with solid material that’s difficult or impossible to chew, gnaw, or claw through.

Disinfection – regardless of the particular animal that’s been bothering you, you’ll need to run a thorough disinfection service, to get rid of the waste left behind. When not properly cleaned, wild animal waste can endanger the lives of you, your family, and your pets. 

These are general services that we, at Animoval a Humane Wildlife Solution, provide as part of our wild animal removal service. For more details, such as pricing, time, and so on, we suggest giving us a call. We’ll also need to examine the situation with our own eyes to determine the extent of repair needed. 

Animal damage repair may sound like a lot, but considering the very serious consequences of improper repair and cleaning, it’s a well-worth expense in the end! 

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